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BAO | PsyTrance | DJ + LiveAct | Brescia (IT)

BAO is the morning Fullon project by Nicola Filippini, born in 1983 in Brescia, Italy. He started to play Goa trance mixing tracks and DJing during small parties until, by chance, he met Zero, an Argentine DJ based in Cremona, and they decided to give birth to the “Moonlight Project”. They started to collaborate with bands and labels in northern Italy (LOONEY MOON / BLACKLITE RECORDS / PSYTRONIC / AYAHUASCA) and this environment stimulated him so much that in 2011, he decided to make his own music.
After 3 years of studies and top tips by his friend and colleague Nukleall, BAO got ready to spread his message around and started releasing some tracks mainly on Blacklite and also on other labels around ( Delicatek Recs, Speedsound Recs.). His first official EP, called “The Spirit Molecule”, was released on Blacklite Records in October 2016.
B.A.O.’s energetic and groovy Fullon has already been appreciated in many dancefloors around the globe, such as AwareDance Festival in Bali, Magika Festival in Goa, Resurrection Festival in Cambodia, Human Evolution Festival (Italy), Odyssee Berlin 2016 and Blackmoon Festival 2016 (Italy)

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