Okin Shah – DJ & Live Act

Okin Shah - DJ & Liveact

Okin Shah | Progressive Psytrance | DJ | LiveAct | Producer from Stuttgart, Germany

OKiN SHAH is living near Stuttgart in Germany and making music as a DJ and LiveAct for DELICATEK Records and GALAMA Records. He started DJing in 2000, at this time still with vinyls. In 2005, after trying out different music genres, he specialized himself to Goa Music in the broadest sense, and since then he played at numerous events in whole Germany, but also other countries like France, Spain and Switzerland (see References Events below). In 2007 he changed his method and began to work with CD Players.
In the same year he started producing his own music as only playing other peoples music was not sufficient for him. So he created a real LiveSet with Hardware (KORG Electribe machines and KAOSS PAD), what is a quite complex performance and nice to watch. In summer 2011, he started to produce his tracks with Ableton and at the moment, OKIN SHAH is working at his latest EP, which should be released in 2019.

With his DJ sets OKiN SHAH is quite variable: He is mixing groovy Progressive, Progressive Psy but also melodic PsyTrance or pushing NightPsy/Twilight sets are part of his repertoire. His LiveAct (currently a real LiveAct with synthesizers and drum computers, ca.1h) is Progressive PsyTrance only (sounds similar to Zyce, Liquid Space, Suntree, RiTree, Flegma, Liquid Soul, Sunstryk, Yokain, NOK,…).

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