A protected space for creative artists to develop fresh psychedelic atmospheres and new sounds.

At Delicatek Records we´re managing the musical output and bookings for about 25 artist from various countries. 

DELICATEK is considered to be a label for the artists. We´re happy to be able to offer the creative space necessary to perform and the support artists need to spread their music to the whole world. DJs, Live Acts and Producers of Goa – PsyTrance – Progressive – FullOn – Forest but also from Minimal to HardTek – from NightPsy and House to Drum&Bass and HappyHardcore are welcome to join the tribe.

Delicatek Records - Label
Delicatek Records - Home of Creativity and entertainment

For sound samples please have a look at our videos on YouTube or the songs presented in our Soundcloud account.

Musicians, deco artists, promoters, voluntary helpers and other people who want to join us are welcome to contact us!