Mind Portal – LiveBand with Drums

Mind Portal is a young french duo of electronic music composed by Cinate (Boris Hoechstetter) and Huso (Huseyin Dogan) both born in 1991 and native to France.

Passionate about music and art, it is in high school where they meet and decide to build the band together during the summer of 2010, focusing first on the mastery of various instruments like electric guitar, piano or drums.

Very quickly, the duo band stands out from the public and integrates the Portuguese label Side Wave Records to release their first EP „Human Legacy“ just a few months later. The following year a busy schedule is waiting the two friends: between compositions, rehearsals and concerts which allow, in particular, Mind Portal to forge a reputation on the international scene.

With their growing success, they decided to partner with the singer Cedric Edgel and produce a single called „In My World“ followed with a successfull video clip and shortly afterwards, a second EP „On the Road to the Future“ is released also on their own independent label Extra Terra-Records.

Today, the duo is multiplying live shows and prepare the upcoming release of their debut psytrance album named „Ascension“…

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