M.Y. Project – DJ – Live Act

M.Y. Project - Live Act with Didgeridoo

M.Y. Project | Dark PsyTrance | DJ  | Live Act | Helsinki (SE)

M.Y. Project was born in Chile and during his first 6 years of life lived between the United States and Brazil. His musical development started at the age of 7 when he took his first classical piano lessons, changing his studies from Piano to synthesizers at the age of 14. Aged 16 he started as a professional Goa Trance DJ, being the main name of the first Chilean Goa Trance Tribe doing high quality events in clubs and bringing this culture in the firsts huge raves in Chile ( 1995-2000). Having several TV, radio and newspapers interviews. 2 years later he organizes his first Psychedelic Trance gathering.

At the age of 23 he took a break to commit himself 100% to the world of Didgeridoos, working under the name Mack Yidhaky, releasing some of the most important albums for ethno world music and Didgeridoo, creating the firsts video clips for youtube based in 100% Didgeridoo and tribal sound and taking the record of the highest Youtube hits in this musical area with his song Xtc Didgeridoo.

Soon he would return to Psychedelic Trance as a musical producer under the name „M.Y. Project“ (Mack Yidhaky Project). His concept from the begin was to bring to the people not just a musical and visual psychedelic experience, but to bring wisdom from the ancient cultures as Latinamerican native traditions, Indian and Tibetans concepts to the people as very important part of his events and gigs. Mack in his own philosophical and studies about psychology was investigating about Indian-Vedas and Tantras, the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung, as well as the European esoterism and paganism, also he is a very enthusiastic follower of the „lost archeology“ based in the theory of Erich von Däniken, and the „Ancient Astronaut“.

The M.Y. Project sound is powerful with deep textures, ceremonial sounds and penetrating baseline that lead us to a journey through our unconscious fears and the sweet melodies of our spirit. This work is based on studies of ancient cultures.

„I do not want to make more art that does not serve for healing, I do not want to capture my neurosis on paper (music or other expression) for others to applaud my illness. Art should serve for healing or it is not art“.
– A. Jodorowsky.

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