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The Awakening of Kukulcan
A powerfull work with 4 tracks of pushing PsyTrance by Javier Guevara Souza supported by the E-Guitar of Leonardo Ramos who are the members of Azteknika and rocking the dancefloors in Mexico.
Enjoy this energetic EP released on DELICATEK Records.

Release Date 16.08.2015 - DRDR13 - DELICATEK Records

Track No. Interpreten Titel Label Spieldauer ISRC Abspielen
1. Azteknika Ancient Voices Delicatek Records 00:08:06 DEAR41523032
2. Azteknika Open Your Mind Delicatek Records 00:06:58 DEAR41523033
3. Azteknika Master's Fury Delicatek Records 00:07:14 DEAR41523034
4. Azteknika World of Temptation (Guitar Version) Delicatek Records 00:07:12 DEAR41523035