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DRDR2218. December 2020Features:AzteknikaImpulsoundMad MagusMidiMotionOkin ShahTime Lapse – The anniversary compilation of DELICATEK Records is presenting artists and producers who joined our way or went with us in the last 15…

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Caotik Syndrom – Ultraparallel

DRDR1810. June 2017Listen on SpotifyDownload from iTunesWatch on YouTubeDownload from BeatportDownload from Amazon MusicFree DownloadCaotik Syndrom aka Riccardo from Italy is presenting his new EP ‘Ultraparallel’ full of finest morning…

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M.Y.Project – U R Connected

DRDR081. March 2013Listen on SpotifyListen on SoundcloudWatch on YouTubeDownload from BeatportDownload from Amazon MusicM.Y.Project – U R Connected M.Y.Project is Mack from Sweden producing dark PsyTrance music with multiple musical…

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