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"Morpheus' Garden" EP

Joro Radev (a.k.a Solarfall) started his journey in the world of music 15 years ago,
as a keyboard player in Bulgarian based doom metal bands (Shambless, Embrace By Dark).
As a band member, he has 5 released albums behind his back; however the booming electronic
scene and the vast horizons that modern sound reveals to the listeners' mind do not go
unnoticed and his love to electronic music arose; Naturally a solo project heading to this
direction emerged.Solarfall started as a deep techno act, now slowly evolving into more
proggressive/psychedelic sound.Nowadays Joro Radev lives in South Germany, and is focused
entirely on producing qualitied sound, with a touch of deepness and psychedelia.

"Morpheus' Garden" EP
Release Date: 09/11/2015
Delicatek Records

credits to the release:
Music by: Solarfall (Georgi Radev)
Mastering by: Drew (The Humble Groove Stuido)
Cover Artwork: AshaDesign Art

1.Toto 5x25
3.Pulpudeva to Omega